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Copper / Aluminum Bus Bars

Equipment For Electrical Bus Bar

This workshop produces the custom laminated bus bar, rigid copper / aluminum bus bar, copper foil flexible bus bar, liquid cooling copper plate and some other customized copper or aluminum parts. All parts are based on your drawings and technical requirement.

copper nus bar (1)

Large CNC Laser Cutting Equipment

Model &Type: TFC 4020S
Max. machining
Size: 4000mm* 2000mm

copper nus bar (2)

CNC Hydraulic Sheet Metal Bending Equipment

Model & Type: PM6 100/3100
Max. bending force: 1000KN
Max. bending length: 3100mm

copper nus bar (3)

Thermal Pressing Lamination Equipment for Laminated Busbar

Size: different Sizes

copper nus bar (4)

CNC Friction Stir Welding Equipment

Model & Type: FSM 1106-2D-6
Welding Material: Aluminum alloy
Wedina thickness: 0~1 6mm

copper nus bar (5)

Molecular Diffusion Welding Equipment

copper nus bar (6)

Hydraulic Riveting Equipment