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Electrical Insulation Products

Electrical insulation material & insulation parts

D&F has over 17 years of experience in R&D, production and sales of electrical insulation materials and related insulation structural parts. All our electrical insulation material can be divided into three major categories:

The unsaturated polyester glass fiber or mat rigid insulation sheets or profiles and their related products.

The special epoxy glass cloth or mat rigid insulation sheets or profiles and their related products.

The flexible laminates for electric motor or transformer. (DMD, NMN, NHN, etc).

These Electrical insulation products are widely used as the core insulating structural parts or components in the following fields:

1) New energy, such as wind power, Photovoltaic generation and nuclear power,etc.

2) High-voltage electrical equipment,such as high-voltage frequency converter, high-voltage soft start cabinet, high-voltage SVG and Reactive power compensation,etc.

3) Large and medium generators,such as hydraulic generator and turbo-dynamo.

4)Special electric motors, such as traction motors,metallurgical crane motors,rolling motors and the other motors in aviation, water transportation and mineral industry,etc.

5) Dry type transformers.

6) Electric motors

7) UHVDC transmission

8) Rail transportation.

The manufacturing technology level is leading in China, the production scale and capacity are in he forefront of the industry.


Renewable energy


Nuclear electric Power

insulation products for rail transits

Rail transit


Electric motor




UHVDC transmission system